Friday, February 20, 2009

Mid-Winter Break, Play Dates, and Duck Taped Diapers!

This past week the kids have been home on mid-winter break. I can't tell you all how much I love that The River Academy gives us a little break in the winter. I get stir crazy and so do the kids so a little vacation is really nice and much appreciated. We have relaxed and enjoyed each others company, slept in most mornings and eat late breakfasts that sometimes morph into lunch. A vacation from routine has been nice and makes me appreciate the importance of our "regular" schedule. Along with late nights and late mornings we have managed to squeeze in some well needed play dates with the kids friends! Yesterday was an especially fun day since I got to play too! While the kiddos were busy with their friends, I got to visit with my lovely friend Sarah (mommy of Baz and Keelauna) over coffee and lunch. Of course, as always our conversations were often interrupted by much activity but that didn't seem to stop our overwhelming appetite to chit chat the afternoon away! In fact at one point I found Ben playing in Baz's room with no pants or diaper on...he said the "biaper was broken." As usual I didn't bother to bring extra "biapers" and Sarah does not have babies so we resorted to tape...DUCKTAPE (sorry no picture) that is...the always on hand, usable for every scenario tape. I can honestly say I never thought I would ducktape a diaper onto any of my children...but worked! By the end of the day the kids were wiped out, and this mommy had a full social tank! Fun, Fun Fun!
Tage ready to go play with his buddies Gabe and Sam...He is dressed to play "Narnia"
Everyone ready to go!

Violets bags are packed full of groovy girl dolls and ponies!

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kelly said...

I always forget diapers and I keep thinking after three kids I should remember but I feel better now cause you have four and still don't bring extras :)
I just had the duct tape out this morning--gotta love it.