Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sunday 16th Day of Advent: Attend Church Christmas Dinner

This was a wonderful evening of fellowship with our church friends and family. It was decorated beautifully, and the food was perfect, especially for a family with small children! How can you go wrong with pasta! I think Violet alone had at least 6 meat balls!!!! The master mind behind the dinner was I think quite brilliant, they had thought to put a coloring table in the back for all the children....wonderful idea! Our kids were very busy making cards for everyone they could think of. Once the dinner was over the choirs sang, it was lovely. Tage is in the children's prep choir and they sang Silent was very sweet to hear the voices of babes singing such a beautiful song! The highlight of the evening for Violet was......NEW SPARKLY SHOES!!!! She received this delightful gift from Grandma and Grandpa just before the dinner and I might add she was most defiantly pleased with her new little clothing addition. She walked around the room and would stick her foot out with lots of drama and say...."Look at my shoes...Aren't they beautiful" Since my parents attended the dinner with us Simon, our little lover, was glued to Grandmas side the entire evening. The evening ended perfectly with big beautiful snowflakes falling as we left. So fun!

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