Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back Logged Advent!! got a little away from me over the past week. We had an unbelievably busy and festive week that ended with a BANG of a Christmas party here at our house Friday night. To catch you all up on our Advent I'll list them starting with last Sunday...

Sunday 9th Day of Advent: We took the kids to their friend Jordan's Christmas Play
This was absolutely the best evening of the week! There was a potluck before the play and Tage, Simon and Violet were in rare form! They ate all their food, which is quite impressive for a potluck...most of the time I feed them before these kind of functions because they are not so found of mystery dishes. This event however was a rarity. Some of our friends looked over at one point and saw Tage walking around the room with a Christmas cookie in one hand, and the the most ginormous piece of ham in the other. It was dangling from his hand as he walked, and he would occasionally bring it to his mouth and rip into it with a vigorous bite. Then he would chew for quite awhile before taking the next bite. He actually ate the entire thing. Nothing but class coming from the Madsons! While our entire table of adults were wiping the tears from our eyes due to an abundance of laughter, Violet came over to introduce us to here new little friend. Ahhhhaaa, she was holding hands with an 8 year old boy, directing him around the room, introducing him to various people, mostly ones she had never met! The laughter erupted again. Can you believe this all happened before the play even began?! Once the play started we had to hold onto Violet with all our strength...SHE WAS DETERMINED TO SING ON STAGE WITH ALL THE OTHER LITTLE GIRLS!!!!! Jordan did a wonderful job and the evening was a success.

Monday 10th Day of Advent: Sing Christmas Carols Before Bed
The kids LOVE singing Christmas Carols, and would be ok doing it everyday of Advent. Since Tage and Simon have 2 Christmas programs they are singing in we decided to tie up practicing for the programs and celebrating Advent all in one-fell-swoop. They are doing a great job memorizing the versus and can sing good and loud for all to hear!

Tuesday 11th Day of Advent: Go Shopping To Buy Christmas Presents For The Kids Teachers
This was a quick trip to Target that resulted in 4 beautiful Poinsettias and 4 boxes of Christmas lights. For some reason the boys insisted on getting their teachers lights....random I know, but practical also. The teachers were delighted!

Wensday 12th Day of Advent: Eat Special Christmas Cake and Watch The Original Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Thursday 13th Day of Advent: Attend The River Academy Christmas Program
This was the 1st Annual Christmas Program at The River Academy (our kids school). It was a huge success! The place was absolutely PACKED full of loving family and friends, and the kids did the most amazing jobs on their pieces! The kinder prep and kindergarten recited a poem about the birth of baby Jesus. It was darling...about 30 little 4,5, and 6 year olds all shouting their poem to the crowd with little added hand motions to make it even that much cuter! In that group alone there were three sets of cousins, and a set of siblings all standing together shouting to the glory of God about the amazing birth of our Savior! It was unforgettable!
Friday 14th Day of Advent: Spend The Evening Playing With Cousins and Madison Cook
We had our Christmas party so the boys got to play with their cousins and a baby sitter while we enjoyed an evening with adults. Madison Cook is their favorite babysitter...any excuse to hang out with her makes the kids CRAZY with excitement! They had a blast and got to stay the night with Lexi and Kendra...a little added bonus!

Saturday 15th Day of Advent: Take a Jammie Ride To See Grandma, Grandpa and Loki
My parents arrived here in Wenatchee a little late in the evening. The kids were are settled in their jammies when we announced to them we were getting in the Race Car Mini-Van to go greet Grandma, Grandpa and Loki at Aunt Michelle's! They were REALLY excited! When we arrived there was lots of running, jumping, screaming, laughing, hugging etc. We got home about 10:30 and the kids crashed hard for about 10 hrs! By the way...Loki is my parents dog.

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