Sunday, December 2, 2007

2nd Day of Advent: Go To The Mountains and Cut Down Our Christmas Tree

Plan/Dream: Taking the fam in the ol’ Woody to the mountains to cut down that most perfect Christmas tree. We have hot cocoa in the thermos all hot and ready for marshmallows. Then we take a few trips down the hill on the sled before we head back to our warm toasty home…Ahhhhhhh..

Reality: Purchased the tree at Lowes after spending most of the afternoon driving around in the blizzard like snow trying to decide which discount store had the best tree for the money.

We awoke to about 5 inches of new snow, and it continued to come down and create white-out conditions all over the greater Wenatchee Valley. After church Brant was sure it was not wise to bus the entire fam (my sisters family included) into the mountains to cut down our tree. So we reluctantly but cheerfully submitted to the weather and store hopped looking for that most perfect tree. Alas…Lowes was the winner. The kids were happy all the same with the end product, and the daddies redeemed the missed outing to the mountains with a killer trip to the sledding hill…followed by a hot steamy cup of hot cocoa, made by mom. They are all warm and tucked into their beds, and we are ready to settle in to a quiet evening at home. More tomorrow! Happy Advent!

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Michelle said...

Rach, That was a very fun day, not what I was expecting, but maybe even better. Good job on your description. Love ya Mich