Monday, November 19, 2007

Touching Snail Mail Surprise!

Today was a gloomy fall day. I spent a good part of the day doing laundry, and cleaning up from our lazy Sunday afternoon. One of the kids’ favorite part of the day is to go outside and get the mail for me. However, since today was so wet and rainy I went out instead and to my surprise there was a box FOR ME in my mailbox! I was thrilled…and then intrigued! The box was from my Aunt Lisa who lives in Kansas City, and we honestly don’t get to talk much (which is a shame really…but I digress) so I was very curious to see what was in my little box. I looked at it for a few seconds before I tore into it wondering what she might have found that made her think of me. Once the 2 seconds were up, I tore right in and frankly was not sure there was anything in the box. There were many layers of tissue paper, and as I was pilfering through the paper, a small light weight metal object slipped out from the paper and fell onto my counter. I looked at it quite perplexed wondering what it was, but sort of remembering it as something I may have seen before. I decided there must be something else in the box to help me figure out this mystery gift. Ahhhhaaaa…a little note. I was sure this was the answer to my mystery metal object. I opened the little note and read that this wonderful little object, which by they way is a biscuit cutter, belonged to my Granny Violet. Before I go on, I must add that Granny was my great-grandmother and I loved her dearly! I spent a lot of time at her apartment playing dress-up in her clothes, going to church in my dress-ups, and riding the bus to the dime-store. I have sweet vivid loving memories of Granny and am so happy that we were able to name our Violet after her...any way back to the biscuit cutter. It was given to my Granny by her mother which makes the cutter around 100 years old. My Aunt Lisa, in all her wisdom and sweetness, thought of me and my daughter Violet, knowing that our Violet was named after Granny. Lisa knows the importance of family and inheritance passed down generation by generation...which I want her to know I am very thankful for! Even though this little biscuit cutter has no monetary value, it has the value of memory and age and story. This is something that will strike up conversations about Granny whenever Violet and I make biscuits together using the cutter. I will be sure to pass it onto her so that she can use it in her kitchen and make biscuits with her children…Granny’s great great great grandchildren. So Lisa, thank you so much for thinking of me and Violet, your distant but very appreciative niece and great-niece. Happy Thanksgiving!

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