Saturday, November 10, 2007

Simon And The Thankful Tree

Here Simon is with his Kinder-Prep teachers Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Harper in front of the Thankful Tree. Each of the students got to put a leaf on the tree that had different things they were thankful for written on it. Here are some of the things our sweet little Simon wrote on his leaf:
1. My Mom and Dad
2. My Brothers and Sister
3. My Dog Crystal
4. My House
This is the last week of school before there is a week off for Thanksgiving. Simon's little class will be having a Thanksgiving Feast, and will be wearing pilgrim hats as they all sit around the table together eating turkey, cornbread and honey, veggies and of course pumpkin pie! I get to work in the class room that day and plan to take pictures to share with you all.
Simon is really loving school this year, and is especially fond of his teachers. He really respects them and works very hard at obeying and following directions. He is starting to recognize his name and is working on tracing it so that he can get used to writing it in a fluid manner. We are really proud of Simon, and are so happy that he loves his school so much.

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