Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving and Advent

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving here in Wenatchee with Brant's mom and grandparents. Over the weekend we ate a lot and watched a lot of movies with the kids. It was nice and relaxing...the perfect calm before the holiday season really begins! We are planning to get our tree this weekend, which the kids are soooo excited about. We are getting a permit from the forest service to go and cut down our tree. This is such a fond memory I have of my childhood. We are so blessed to still live in the Northwest so that we can go as a family and pick a tree to cut fresh. I think we are most excited about starting our Advent celebration this Sat Dec 1st! We have some really fun activities planned for the kids like making caramel corn, making Christmas cards for the neighbors and taking a jammie ride to look at Christmas lights. I would love for any of you who read this to share your different Advent and Christmas traditions with us. I love family traditions and plan on sharing our celebrations here with you all. I have really grand intentions to post a little note or photo everyday of Advent so we can share our advent activities with you. We'll see how it goes!

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Thankfulmom said...

Your blog is beautiful. I'm so glad you started it.
Our favorite Advent traditions center around the dinner table. We a have special cloth napkin for each person and Christmas table decorations. Best of all is a handmade wall hanging which we add a new felt object to each night. We got it when our oldest was one year old and we have enjoyed it every year since. We also read Advent scriptures each evening. Then at bedtime we read Christmas books which are only unpacked at Christmas time each year.
This year is particularly special because we are seeing all of this through the eyes of our three new children.
We have many other traditions, but those are some of our favorites.