Sunday, October 28, 2007

Welcome Back Sabbath

Last night we had the most glorious Sabbath dinner with some dear new friends here in Wenatchee. As many of you know when we lived in Moscow, Id we had a weekly tradition of kicking off our Sabbath on Sat evening around 6:00pm with the Schumaker (Brant's sister and fam) and Rheingans families. We had a decent size feast since there were at least 6 adults and 14 children every week and often more if we invited another family. The kids played, the adults talked, we would sing the doxology, pray, eat, talk, drink wine and eat some more, before the kids were excused and off playing again. It was such a wonderful and glorious way to end the week that our family really looked forward to it.

As a result of our move to Wenatchee our Sabbath dinners have been few and far between and we really miss it. As I was sharing this with a friend here she (also being from Moscow) told me her family was feeling the same way so we decided to commit to Sabbath dinners together. This week was our first meal together and it was absolutely wonderful! We had 3 families, 6 adults and 10 children 6 years and under...oh and they were mostly boys. We started off the meal with some Catechism questions like:

Who made you?

Have you been baptised? which one little 2 yr old answered "Da.." with a huge grin and shake of the head...It was so cute.

Who is God?

What does the bread represent? What does the wine represent?

The amazing thing was they all new the answers to these questions. After that we sang the Doxology, prayed and ate. It was so nice to feel like we are starting to really get settled and become part of this community here. All I have left to say is WELCOME BACK SABBATH!

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Michelle said...

You are such an inspiration to me. You are very incouraging the way you try so hard to keep the Sabbeth holy the way it should be.
Congratulations on having your Sabbeth back in your new home. Michelle