Thursday, October 25, 2007

All Peoples Clap Your Hands for Joy! Psalm 47

Why is that the title of my blog? Well, for starters it so cheerful and we are trying to promote lots of cheerfulness in our young little family. It is a Psalm that the kids sing on a daily basis at school, there for it is sung while coloring, bathing, playing and generally doing most anything here at home. There are little hand motions that go along with the Psalm and even Ben (our 16 month old) has picked up on them. When he hears the kids start to sing "All Peoples Clap...." he will start clapping in such a happy, cheerful, and excited way. He knows the song and recognizes it with excitement. We love that it is the Psalms that our children love to sing in their past time. Of course we also here a lot of Row, Row, Row your Boat, but mostly they sing the Psalms and Hymns they hear on a regular basis at school, church, and home. It is sweet music to our ears.

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Nell said...

That is beautiful. My oldest, Nicky, says his prayers now and every night asks for "jesus book" (his term for the bible). He has to read a bible story every night.