Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is there an adult available?

Setting: Dinner time at the Madson home. We had all just sat down to eat our decedent grilled cheese sandwiches and chili when.....ring....ring...ring. Simon, our 4 year old, jumps up from the table and says "can I get it?" and we say "yes", reminding him to use his phone manners. The phone conversation goes something like this,

Simon: "Hello, this is Simon Kintner Madson can I help you"

Caller: something to the effect of "I am calling to sell you there an adult available"

Simon: " ther and adult avabbbllle?"

Dad: " No, Simon there are no adults available here"

Simon: "Oh ok...there are no adults here...bye".........Click

As we were chuckling Simon sat down and with a very serious expression and tone and said "there are NO adults avabbblle"

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Nell said...

Awww, how cute :)