Friday, June 18, 2010

Simon is 7!

Way back on May 22nd our baseball lovin boy turned 7! He has grown and matured a ton this year and I am constantly blown away by how articulate he is. He does not play with many "toys" unless it involves some sort of sport (baseball, basketball or football), and would happily spend his entire day sitting around talking to people about life and where it is taking them...sort of an unusual trait in a 7 year old boy! He still has the most beautiful smile and tender spirit and I am honestly so thrilled that I get to be his mom and together with God work to grow him into an amazing man.
For Simons birthday we had a quick party with family and friends after he participated in Jr. Ridge 2 River. Dinner consisted of cheese pizza, rootbeer and a football cake. Now that summer is here we are hoping to get him and some buddies to the bowling alley for cosmic bowling. Here are some pictures of his special day!
Simon with his buddy Brandon
I made this...

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Janelle said...

I have a picture of him as a baby. When you all were down here around memorial day. Can't believe how fast our kids have grown!