Friday, June 18, 2010

Baseball Championships

One of the advantages to having your kids so close together is that they are able to play on sports teams together thus making it so Brant and I are managing less activities. This year Tage and Simon played A-Ball which is baseball with a pitching machine as the pitcher. This was Tage's 3rd and last season in A-Ball and Simon's 1st season. We have had the same coach all three years and once again he took these boys to the championships! We won the first two games of our tournament which put us into the spot for 1st or 2nd place making all the boys anxious with anticipation. Tage had Simon convinced that we would win the whole thing since we had the previous 2 years, but it wasn't our year and we lost 22-0...OUCH! The great thing is the kids got trophies and tickets to the concessions which made the painful loss seem like it was years ago! Tage's batting average for the season was in the 760's and Simon's was 716...I think the Mariners should start scouting...Don't' you?

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Paula said...

Yes! I hope they choose the Mariners :)