Monday, May 10, 2010

Being Creative With The Kiddos

Today was one of those warm and overcast days. Everyone thought it was cold outside because there was no sun, so of course a day of movie watching must be in order. I informed them that all the windows were open and I was running around in flip flops a t-shirt and jeans...Needless to say it was not cold and certainly not a stay-inside-and-watch-movies kind of day. They were less than convinced so I pulled out the Popsicles to see if that would do the go outside trick. Sure enough that got them out the door and 30 seconds later the Popsicles were gone and we were back to our old negotiation shenanigans about it being cold and winter like. I really did not want to stop what I was doing, as if dishes are oh so important, so my attitude was a serious reflection of my frustration...YIKES...not too pretty! I quickly realized that I was being a grump and I needed to go play with the kiddos. I pulled out the sidewalk chalk and we had ourselves a grand time making all sorts of mosaics up and down the driveway and sidewalk. It was a sheer delight to play with the kids and frankly I have been thinking about all sorts of different chalk creations I can draw with the kids next time. Sometimes it feels so good to go outside and play!

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Michelle said...

Rach you are a true artest!!