Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter and Weekends!

Friday nights are usually spent as a family watching one of mine and Brant's childhood favorites. They are usually new to the kids which helps to keep everyones interest.
We are a larger family with busy kids and lots of energy, which makes winter hard since most actives are tailored for indoors....UNLESS of course you bite the bullet and invest in copious amounts of ski gear and hot chocolate! Which is exactly what we have done.
Here is Ben getting his stuff on before he heads up the hill. He can do it "his own self"!
Simon is the continuous "snow plow". The little person behind him is Ben.


Lauren said...

My parents got me on the slopes when I was three--and I loved it! Such great memories, and independence-building . . . if only Moscow had a ski hill! So great of you all to get out there:)

Nell said...

I'm so tired of this winter thing going on ;)

That family picture of you all makes me smile :)


Signe said...

Tell Simon he is building up some serious thighs with that snow plow. Be thankful you aren't still in Moscow, snow is not happening here. We have to resort to mud wrestling.