Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's Brighten Things Up A Little!

SEE!!! Sunshine and now snow on Feb 2nd...Beautiful!
Lets face it. I have been in quite a blogging rut over the past few months. I see my blog address listed in my favorites and get a very unnerving feeling inside as if my blog is some bill that's long over due and I will deal with the consequences later by not paying! Yes, I am aware how unhealthy that sounds and frankly rather silly. I need to be posting and writing frequently so that we have some written evidence of our kiddos childhood since I am terrible at getting pictures printed. So here goes yet ANOTHER attempt at getting back into the blogging groove. I am starting by changing the background to something cheerful and spring like and posting pictures of our sunny day and my two young-ens coloring nicely at our table this morning! Simple daily pleasures posted here at ALL PEOPLES CLAP YOUR HANDS FOR JOY!
They sure are getting big!


Jen Welch said...

I LOVE this pic of the sun shining through your window, and your *new* BLOG look. Nice :)

Nell said...

Vi is so beautiful. I love her hair color...and eyes. Lovely little kids you and Brant made ;)