Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent 8th through the 11th

As with every Advent/Christmas season so far I get busy and don't have time to keep up with a daily blog here is a photo summary of the 8th through the 11th!
December 8th
New hot chocolate mugs and candy canes are the perfect treat while listening to Matthew 1
December 9th
Matthew 1:18-21
Happy 60th Birthday to our dad Dan! He looks great doesn't he!
December 10th
Matthew 1: 21-25
December 11th
Luke 1: 26-31
Grown-Ups need a little celebration too! We had some friends over for our 3rd annual Christmas Party. We had wonderful fellowship, LOTS of laughing, fantastic food, singing, gift exchanging, and a house full of babies!
I couldn't resist this picture!

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