Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vi's First Trip To The Salon

This is one of those moments that I am SO thankful that God gave me one little lady to raise! Today was just sort of a blah spring day, not much sunshine and just simply not oozing with that "lets play outside" feeling! Once I got Tage and Simon off to school and Ben down for a nap I pulled out the nail polish and painted Violets fingers and toes. Then while she was sitting on the stool I thought this would be a great time to give her hair a little "trim". It is amazing to me after years of giving Violet "trims", that I continue to think I am qualified to do this job. I often fret and grumble to myself as I am telling Vi to "hold still", "put your head down," "were almost done" etc...all the while I am horrified by the uneven mess that lays before me. My sweet little darling is always so complementary saying "I love it" and don't "I look so beautiful mommy!" Today was the day...Today was the day that I stopped dead in my tracks, looked at the mess I had started, picked up the phone and called Salon Capelli. They got me right in to my amazement and SERIOUSLY gave Violet the royal treatment. She has a darling "even" haircut, and feels as though she was treated like a true big girl!

Sitting in the chair waiting for the cut to begin

Vi was so still and cheerful through the whole thing

Miss Vi with her beautician Arland! They had so much fun together. Arland told Vi all about her daughters... and so the "beauty shop" talk begins!
Back view
Aunt Katie babysat tonight and Tage took this picture of them at the table. Look how similar their hair cuts are!


Melissa said...

I love it---just darling!

The Appels said...

Super cute. Have you been going to Salon Capelli now? That is where I went--I loved Arland! She did a super cute cut on Vi.

kelly said...

So cute! She looks so grown-up!

Signe said...

And what was Ben doing for all of this? Her hair looks really cute, she is a beauty queen.

Paula said...

Don't ya love girls? She looks so grown up!!!!

Michelle said...

very sweet! miss Vi is getting big