Saturday, April 25, 2009

These Are The Days...

These are the days to remember, are lyrics to a song that has no title or artist, at least that I can remember (FYI:I am really bad about knowing names of songs and artists). However, as I was sitting here clicking through pictures from our AMAZING spring day it was there first thing that popped into my mind, thus the title of this post. I am not sure how we so casually fit in all that we accomplished today, but I have to say I am so thankful for days like today and will pray before bed that we have many more like this one! Nothing really spectacular happened. I mean we didn't come up with a genius plan to fix the economy or automatically remedy the crisis of our diseased back yard...we just lived and spent time together. Early this morning I met the girls for a nice long run along the orchards in Cashmere followed by a little hike up to the Pinnacles, then back to Kim's house for coffee before we all dispersed and "really' started our day . Then we were off to the Apple Blossom Kiddie Parade followed by lunch, yard work, budget, meal planning, grocery shopping, BBQ, and then finally a family movie complete with cookies and ice cream. My love tank is full I feel ready for church and a healthy dose of sabbath rest tomorrow!
All of us at the parade. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Apple Blossom!
I'd say Ben cheered and clapped for one too many Jr. High Bands!

My lovely front yard!
More of the greens filling in around our big tree in the front.
Family movie night!

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