Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Speech Meet

Last week The River Academy elementary held its annual speech meet competition requiring all students in 1st-6th grade to memorize a poem, or bible verse and recite it in front of their class, judges and various parents, grandparents and siblings. This was quite intimidating for some of the children, however the 1st graders did an amazing job, no one forgot their lines and everyone kept their composer...I AM IMPRESSED!!! Tage did well he earned an "Excellent" award which I guess would be similar to second place. As you can see below he was quite pleased with himself! I also posted his poem below...It was darling!

Arthur Guiterman

He sits and begs, he gives a paw,
He is, as you can see,
The finest dog you ever saw,
And he belongs to me.

He follows everywhere I go
And even when I swim.
I laugh because he thinks, you know,
That I belong to him.

But still no matter what we do
We never have a fuss;
And so I guess it must be true
That we belong to us.

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Melissa said...

yay for Tage...congratulations!