Friday, March 6, 2009

Nezzy's Evening With Us...WE LOVE HIM!

Sig gave me permission to post pictures before her, so here goes!
Nezzy slept a bit in the car on the way home from the airport. He warmed right up when we got home, we gave him a tubby and some warm jammies and he was ready to explore. Really, he was most interested in anything with buttons (remotes, radios, cameras etc). He LOVES UB and seemed most fascinated with all our lights and light switches. We take so much for granted....Oh this morning he was wandering around and became quite fascinated with the oven. Opening it, touching it, looking inside. It was really cute.

UB (Uncle Brant), Ben, Sig, Nezzy and Brooke right after 24 hours of travel. I think they look great!
Ben and Nezzy strapped in for 3 more hours of travel. Nezzy was tired and a little unsure about the seat belts.


Sarah said...

How exciting!!! He's just adorable!

Thankfulmom said...

Thank you for the pictures. It is great to see Sig with her new son - such a miracle.

Michelle said...

YEH!!!! He looks great! How exciting! I am so sorry we missed such an exciting time!:( I can not wait to hear all about him, espicially from the kids....Oh and what kid does not LOVE UB?!

Teri said...

He is so cute!!