Saturday, June 28, 2008

Worn Out...Energy in Sight

Well I have to say you have not seen or heard much from us because frankly we have been flat out LAZY!!! The end of the school year rush and our crazy baseball season just wore us all out. We have pretty much done nadda, nothin for the last couple of weeks. The kids have all been sleeping in making it hard to even have breakfast and our beds made by 9:00am. We have decided it is ok for these little guys to experience a little bit of the long, lazy, summer days while they can. Before we know it they will be thick into their busy little lives running around with friends and wanting to do summer sports and camps and stuff. So for now we are experiencing the sweet life of sleeping in, eating all day, and playing in the back yard pool and hose.

With that said, most of you know that Brant and I can't JUST sit around all summer, and I have to admit that I am starting to feel a little flitter of energy oozing out more and more everyday. The kids really feed off us and then times our energy by 1000 and there you have it...STIR CRAZY! Before that happens we will be getting out more and more channeling all this energy into some sort of productivity for you all to enjoy out here in the blog world! Sorry for the lack of blogging, you will be seeing more of us...put on your helmets and goggles and hang on...we're back!


Signe said...

We can't even get you on the phone, so you can't be that lazy. So when you are stuck in our house we will have to get our fill.

Rachel said...

Sig, I have just decided to stop answering the phone :)