Thursday, June 19, 2008

Benji's 2!

Can you believe it? We certainly can't! Our littlest person is officially two, and thinks he is as old as Tage. I never really felt any sadness about planning to be done having more children, or about never being pregnant again, but I have to admit I might actually miss having a little baby around. There is something sweet and warm and innocent about those little ones discovering their first touch of grass, their first trip down the slide, their first bite of something really a lemon, that I will truly miss. We are about to take Mr. Ben out of his crib, and then the final step to truly being baby free will be potty training, my least favorite parenting duty. I guess I will have to focus some of my infant caring desires to serving those less-fortunate babies here and around the world....I do have some plans in the works :)!

As for Benji, he has a love for independence, baseball and cookies! For his birthday we made home-made ice cream sandwiches (because cookies are his favorite!) and met some of our closest friends and family at the park for a little play and presents! The evening turned about to be beautiful and the kids had a great time playing tag and toddler baseball with Ben and his little buddy Titus.

Ben and his ice cream sandwich!
Ben got about 10 new balls, all different varieties.
Mr. Independent
Such a happy little guy Still likes to have a little swing time with dad


Kristy said...

Happy Birthday to Ben!

Rory turned 3 a couple weeks ago, and I totally understand your sentiments about the littlest one in your family growing up.

Hope all is well with you - looks like you're gearing up for a fun summer!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Happy birthday big boy!

The James Family said...

Can't wait to see you all. Ben has gotten so big! I had to look twice in one picture to see if it was Ben or Simon.

Matt, Mel and Josh said...

you've been tagged :)