Friday, April 18, 2008

Making Time..

I am making a little time to share my car ride with you. I had just picked up the kids at school and we were driving around to kill a little time before lunch. I went and got a coffee and all 5 kiddos (we had Lexi) got RED Tootsie-Pops from our favorite coffee gal. I decided we were going to go look at all the beautiful flowering trees in our neighborhood, and then I remembered the Presbyterian church parking lot up the road has rows and rows of the most amazing flowering trees. Here are some of the comments from the kids.

Mom: Oh my aren’t those trees absolutely beautiful!
Simon: They look like they’re dancing!
Alexis: Look at all those beautiful dandy-lions on the ground! Kendra would love to come and pick those!
Tage: I think those trees are so beautiful!
Violet: I like pink!
Ben: Baseball! (which is what he says whenever he is excited about anything!)

Mom: I’m going to stop here and take a picture…

…as were driving off…

Simon: I think they’re waving bye!
All Kiddos: By trees

It was so sweet! The wind was blowing like crazy which made it look like the trees were dancing and waving bye.
Have a great weekend

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wayne said...

Rach, I am just signing up so I can respond to your blog. It is very cool and a great way to keep in touch. Way to go girl. Wayne