Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chaos at Simon's First T-Ball Game

Our happy little Simon!
Look at all these little guys! A sea of green! And...they all get to bat each inning! There are 4 innings!
This was actually quite a hit!
Click on this picture to see his's so funny
Wondering aimlessly~!

There is actually a bit to say here. I do want to say first that this is just t-ball and it is all in good fun. We want the boys out being active, learning how to be on a team and make friends, and learn some basic baseball fundamentals...With that said, here goes an explanation of Simon's first game.

First, Simon really thinks he is playing in some very serious baseball league, which is actually very funny when you watch his team and view these pictures. The whole this is really kind of like herding cats. It's messy and in some ways completely out of control. First of all there are a ton of little 4-6 year olds on his team, most of which have NO CLUE how to play baseball. What this means is there needs to be constant instruction on where to stand, how to hold the bat, which way to swing, and of course where and when to run. In addition to the batting chaos the fielding is really something else...there is usually always a hit since they are hitting off the "T"...once the ball is somewhere on the field there are about 15 little guys diving for the baseball, tackling each other and doing what ever they can to get the ball. Once one little guy comes up with the ball there is no one to throw it to since they are all semi-knocked out from all the diving and commotion to get the ball in the first place. Parents, grand-parents and neighbors are yelling at the little guys telling them what to do and where to run and the kids end up just standing in the out-field dumb-founded at what to do next. It is actually quite exhausting to watch. Then to top it all off...the uniforms are unbelievable. It's not like we don't already look like a total mess, but some how who ever ordered the uniforms got mixed up and ordered the little guys adult size m shirts and adult size hats. So now we have 17 little guys running around in 17 different directions with shirts down to their ankles and hats covering their entire heads...I would say if we continue down this road there will be no college scouts looking to recruit our little guys in the future! But really that is OK, because we have gotten a great laugh out of it AND Simon has NO IDEA what a crazy mess the whole thing is. He has worn his enormous shirt and hat almost every day since his game and sees pictures of himself and makes little comments like "I look so cool" and "I hit that ball really far"...It's all good in his little world and that's all that matters. Enjoy the pics!


Thankfulmom said...

Hi Rachel! I just stopped by to check in and see how you all are doing. Love the post about Simon's game.


Krista said...

I think I remember my mom once saying that watching my brother play T-ball was like herding cats... :)

The James Family said...

That made me laugh out loud, especially the uniforms and hats. I can't wait until Ivan can do baseball too. I think he will be just as serious as Simon.