Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sometimes...God Turns Out The Lights

I simply started cleaning my room this morning and it has turned into a much bigger deal than I have time or patience for. Ugggg...while I was moving furniture, going through things, and throwing things away (generally tearing my room apart), Ben had taken to totally unloading my kitchen, playing in the bathroom toilet, and managed to climb up and get the cereal bowls off the counter...thus spilled milk everywhere! Ugggg!!! But did I stop...Nope, kept right on going because once I start I must finish...So then I got the vacuum and was going to town under the bed, up the walls, along baseboards, in the closet...once I made it to my bathroom I blew a huge fuse, now I have no power and no lights in my room. I think this is God telling me it's time to stop since my voice of reason is at work. Sometimes...

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Jen Welch said...

This sounds like a loud resounding, "Go to the park!!!". I missed you this weekend my dear friend. I hope you had a great one!!! I will definitely talk to you tomorrow. Blessings~ Jen