Friday, September 24, 2010

Curriculum Choices

Here is what I know so far...

We are joining an informal co-op this year called Classical Conversations. It is informal since it is new to our community and we are starting a bit late, we are hoping to have a formal campus next year. Classical Conversations will meet once a week and will introduce our lessons and memory work for the week. Subjects covered by C.C. are math, science, literature, Latin, history, geography and fine arts.

Difficulty keeping up with reading was one of the main reasons we brought the kids home to school. We have taken in lots of information on different phonics, language arts and reading programs and have decided on the following.

Teaching Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Writing Road To Reading Phonogram Cards and Interactive Cd
Sonlight Launguage Arts 2 Reading Program

As for math, all I have to say is I am thankful for my husband. I am thankful he likes math (I do not) and is willing to help teach it! For now since Tage and Simon are so close in age they will be doing math at the same level. They are welcome to move through their books as fast as they want! OH!! I almost forgot...We are using Singapore Math Level 2.


Nell said...

This is really exciting, Rach. I'm thoughtfully considering homeschooling Nick and Zane next year. I'd do it this year if I were healthy but it wouldn't be fair to Nick this year to do it.

I really want to cultivate a close relationship between my boys, one with them and God, and allow more one on one attention with their studies.


Collie said...

Welcome to the homeschool fun, Rach! I'm a big fan of Spaulding and Singapore math as well. I have some great tricks for helping to learn the phonograms and rules, if you want to call me. Also, there are some free online Singapore math tutorials, but so far, there only for singapore 3... Great resource, though!
I wish we were closer and could do things together!

Bethany said...

It has taken me months and months to decide on our curriculum choices. There is just SO much out there! I still constantly feel like there is something better out there I haven't discovered yet. I wonder if that will ever pass...

We're doing Singapore math too, well Singapore math for Alex and Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach for the younger two.

I won't even get started on language arts...I'm constantly in a quandary on this. lol

I don't know if you've heard of Rod and Staff, but its come highly recommended to me. I am considering switching to this.