Sunday, May 10, 2009

If you haven't noticed...

I've taken a little involuntary hiatus from the blogging world lately. With the sun and warmer weather comes much activity mostly away from home which is where my computer sits lonely waiting for more Madson pictures and stories to be documented and stored. My posts are likely to stay sporadic, at least until school is out. Bear with me, I'll be back to normal soon...At least I hope to be...:)
Below are a couple of pictures from the Apple Blossom Run last weekend. We had just finished so our faces are super red...This is just the beginning of a new training season. We have a team working towards the Nike Womens Marathon in San Fransisco this fall....BTW...I am doing the half not the whole...13.1 is good enough for me!

My sweet beautiful friend Sarah and I super amazing mommy friend who had a baby 3 months ago and pushed both her newborn and 3 year old in the race! I love her, she is such an inspiration to me!

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Nell said...

Who wants to blog when you can do fun stuff like that???